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About Us

We are an independent bakery with modern stores serving bread, cakes, pastries, sandwiches, hot food and delicious drinks throughout west London.

Blakes (formerly known as Tregesers) have had bakery roots in London dating all the way back to 1902. It has always been a family business with a real passion for baking and producing innovative products. By the 1950s from what had originally started as a small shop in Maida Vale had established a growing number of highly successful bakeries throughout London all producing fresh and exciting products in the stores.

Today we are still very much a family firm, we have evolved with the times and provide quality traditional, artisan and quality products for our loyal customers as well as offering modern comfortable surroundings for our products to be enjoyed in. In 2019 we launched our exciting rebrand as ‘Blakes’. Blakes is cockney rhyming slang for ‘cakes’ and was chosen to reflect our proud history and the city and communities that we are part of.

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